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About the Salam Medical Center:

The Salam Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital in El-Qanatir Elkhaireya , Egypt. The center started in 1996 under the auspices of the Egyptian Protestant church (the Evangelical Church of Egypt, Synod of the Nile) with a mandate to provide high-quality health care to the people in and around the city while promoting positive relations among people of different faiths. Currently, the medical center includes medical and dental clinics and a pharmacy in its 640 square metres of space.


The clinic performs a vital function in enhancing the lives of its patients. Few of the patients suffer from the kind of malnutrition and disease common in other parts of Africa, but the effects of inadequate health care are evident. Poor health can affect people in their ability to obtain or maintain jobs, care for their families, and participate in many aspects of society. By placing an emphasis on assistance to the poor, the medical center is helping to equalize Egyptian society. Most staff members receive only minimal remuneration for their work, thus allowing the majority of the money raised for the center to go into improved facilities, services, and equipment. Funds also come from contracts from companies for health services for their employees, while fees from the subsidized patients help to pay for free services.

Rooms of the center

About Egypt:

Egypt is a relatively stable and progressive country situated in both Africa and Asia. Although the gap between rich and poor can be large and inter-religious tensions sometimes break out into violence, projects like the Salam Medical Center are helping to ease both problems. Patients come from various religious and economic backgrounds. Muslims, Christians, and other groups all receive care, and while some patients are part of company paid contracts, the majority of patients pay little or nothing for the services they receive.

El-Qanatir Elkhaireya  is a city of
approximately 400,000 people,
located about a one hour
drive from downtown Cairo.


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