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History and Development:
Construction on the Salam Medical Center began in 1996 and included a lecture hall, outpatient and inpatient facilities,
a clinical pathology laboratory, a pharmacy, and an x-ray machine and lab. A dental clinic is now also part of the
facilities, and further expansions are planned.
Phase 1:

The building was built by the church between 1996 and 2005, at a total cost of approximately US$250,000. Phase 1 also included the following:
- A 150-seat lecture hall
- Outpatient clinics
- Maternal and child care
- Internal medicine
- Inpatient services
- Ophthalmology
- General Surgery
- Ear, Nose and Throat
- Clinical Pathology laboratory
- Pharmacy
- X-ray machine and lab (generously donated by Finnish supporters)

Phase 2:

The following were completed in 2000, at a total cost of approximately US$49,000:
- Operating theater
- Three inpatient rooms containing six beds in total
- Ultrasound equipment
- Dental clinic

Additional Work in 2003:
By December 2003, the following were completed:
- Painting of the interior and the front of the building.
- Creation of a new emergency reception area
- Moving of the radiology department from the basement to the ground floor to facilitate better patient service, as the building does not have an elevator yet.
- Operation of emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Addition of certain specialties, including the dental and orthopedic clinics.

Phase 3:

The following were completed in 2010
- Expansion of the in-patient facilities to 16 beds
- Addition of a physiotherapy clinic

-Intensive care unit.

-Improvement of surgery theatre.

-Premature babies incubators.

-The elevator was installed.
- Various improvements to the radiology equipment.
With the generous support of many donors, the clinic was able to purchase new ultrasound equipment in December 2005. This has been a great addition to the clinic and word continues to spread among patients about the benefits of the new equipment.
More than 600 examinations took place in the first two months of use.